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'Feeling the Love'


Definitely the type of mail you'd want to receive!

The Feeling the Love box is packed with 12 fun sized Chocolate bars.. so you can share in the office or with your pals .......
They are also a perfect for a cheer me up and come straight through that letterbox, providing the postman doesn't get hungry on the way.  A total FAB idea for any celebration.

This box contains the following yummies -
Cookies and Cream in white chocolate
White chocolate coated pink wafers (for a little nostalgia!)
Milk Chocolate bar with Reese's crumbled topping
and Dark Chocolate bars with sprinkles

Please note, the quantities may vary (number per variety but we will always make sure you have atleast 2 of each!)

This product contains: Dairy, Gluten, Soya Lecithin and nuts.
Best consumed within 3 months.